Friday, October 28, 2011

After care regimen for popular cosmetic surgeries and treatments

Cosmetic surgery and treatments are very popular these days, especially among women, like breast augmentation. These surgeries are very effective and sometimes can bring revolutionary results, totally changing the patient's perspective on life. Although most of these disorders and physical operations are safe, but there is much to do after surgery or treatments.

Not many people are fully aware of the pattern of post-strenuous care and precautions that must be followed after surgery or treatment when they are taking the crucial decision of whether or not to proceed with the surgery. Although this is done after surgery or treatment, these are the critical points to consider before surgery or cosmetic treatment.

Breast augmentation after care:

Go under the knife to receive breast implants means a religious after-care regimen for at least a month and precautions to be followed for life. Now that has changed your body and adds an additional implant itself, will have to modify and add an extra set of dos and don'ts to their way of life too. Ruptures, ripple, infection of the nipple and change of implant problems are common after surgery

Immediately after surgery, you will wear bras and clothes that will support its newly enlarged breasts without putting pressure on them. If it is possible to use these for a month, as they provide support for individual assets. Throughout his life take special care to use only the fasteners that fully cover your bust and provide adequate support to them and lifts.

Use lotions given by the surgeon diligently. Avoid sunlight. Wear clothing that covers your chest and use sunscreen with a strong UVB block every two hours when outside. Perform breast exam each month, preferably while you are ovulating.

Microdermabrasion after care:

You can get perfect skin you've always dreamed of, but we must take precautions to ensure that they maintain this effect:

Do not expose your skin to the sun a lot and do not use any acne medication. Your skin becomes more sensitive after the procedure and become red and swollen. Do not use any harsh on the skin for at least two weeks. Wear a hat and sunglasses to avoid sun exposure. Religiously using lotions or creams provided by your surgeon. Diligently to come to the meetings of the surgeon's instructions. Use a sunscreen SPF UVB strong block every two hours, in the open.

Lip augmentation after care:

In the quest to get liquid lips, you can expect your lips to become red, swollen and tender to pressure from one or two weeks. You may feel pain in the surrounding parts and trouble speaking.

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