Friday, October 28, 2011

Classic brands clothing item among Hip Hop Clothing

Almost from its inception, hip hop has been bringing people together (as Aerosmith and Run DMC), so it makes sense that hip hop clothing to do the same with the styles. This style has to do with the combination of classic and new, old hit on a new track, the incorporation of a timeless fashion piece in a modern style of clothing.

There are many brands that hip hoppers, while continuing the brands that cater specifically to them. Due to the large number of followers that this trend is capable of collecting, these ultra-popular brands and have caused people to become almost an obsession in following brands. These super cool classics are:

Ralph Lauren designs several lines, including Polo. Polo is a big hit with crowds more urban and suburban areas. Ralph designs everything from clothing for men, women and children, bedding and towels.

Hillfiger Tommy is an American classic design is favored in the world of hip hop for its crisp denim, polos and shirts. Tommy also offers smart choices.

Non-Gucci designer clothes really. The accessories are their specialty. Luxury Handbags, purses, luggage, belts, ties, scarves and jewelry are all on the roster of Gucci. Gucci items are very expensive, but they are the best materials and last very long.

Prada is an Italian company well known in the world of hip hop for its bags, despite a complete collection of fashion forward clothing are available from them. Prada also has a premium price.

Coaches also have high quality bags, and many other leather products and accessories such as belts and shoes. The coach has two pieces of fashion and no time to choose from a wide range of sizes and colors and textures, which is worth the extra expense for some.

Steve Madden is an American shoe designer is always at the forefront of fashion. Its high quality shoes are generally more expensive than some other luxury designers, so their styles are more accessible.

DKNY-Donna Karan New York means. DKNY clothing line is a complete, functional and fashionable. The styles are completely portable.

If you like the look of hip hop, but some who are too daring, try using a pair of these brands. Not only are extremely popular with the hip hop set, but its timelessness offers the comfort of a trusted friend. Although there are many fashion forward through the options of the designers, there's a classic that can turn in times of need.

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