Tuesday, October 25, 2011

make up artis|Cosmetics - Why strive to look our best - Why skin care and makeup are so important

The women place great importance on cosmetics, mascara and lipstick to be attractive. They feel good about themselves when they are all dolled up with cosmetics. Just heard someone say, "you look good today", you can make your day. Yes, cosmetics, mascara and lipstick have become basic necessities for well dressed women. In fact, most women do not feel they are cute without makeup. They feel that they tried to see if there are quite similar. Is there any truth to this? Does society put such emphasis on appearance?

Although it seems no matter, the question arises-do good looking people treated with favoritism? Do they tend to have greater advantages in life? For example, a stranger be more inclined to come to the aid of a woman who is very attractive? You may receive a better service in the auto shop? Just because he is handsome?

An experiment was conducted in the city of New York. Two women were binders full of papers. They were told to fall into a busy sidewalk and observe what would happen. Would anyone help? When the attractive woman dropped her folder, suddenly people immediately came to help. Then there was another "average looking" woman drop her folder. She was saddened when nobody came to help his friend.

Why this difference in treatment? Is this a strictly cultural? What does this teach us from observation and imitation of others? Thus, studies show that babies have a more attention and more time in the pretty faces. If babies could not be influenced to be biased at this tender age, then it must somehow be connected directly, rather than conditioning to respond more favorably to attractive people.

What can we do about it?

If it really is an intrinsic quality of humans show a more favorable disposition to more attractive people, then it is very little we can do about it. All of the rebellion in the world will not change human nature. If someone does us a compliment by telling us how good we look, we punish them? You have to wonder why respecter of persons? No, rather, we would be grateful for this compliment and view it as an act of human kindness.

How to accept this ugly truth?

It will be easier for us to accept this human tendency if we admit that sometimes we are in favor of such admiration. Depending on whether it is an advantage for us or not. When favorable for us, when we are not favorable in the short end of stick. We must be realistic and remember that the physical attractiveness of a person, like his personality, it affects every individual literally from birth to death. As unfair as that may be, is the reality. We can never change this. The best we can do is change our attitude, learn from others and use to our advantage.

How to use it for our benefit?

Movie stars are usually renowned for their good looks. For them, their appearance is a priority. This is because their livelihood depends on it. In fact, some are seen to say: "It is better to look good, you feel good!" Although we see this as an overemphasis on the vanity, in fact, can not be. Think about it! They have reached stardom in the entertainment industry due to its excellent state of health? Of course not! Image is everything in your world. They just know how to project your image to its maximum benefit. We must learn to do the same.

What can we learn from the movie stars?

If movie stars put their best foot forwards, we gain limited success by the application of his thought? Consider this, just because a movie star is naturally good looking, not the cause of his not wearing makeup. No, actually it will emphasize. Consulting makeup artists to achieve their best look natural. Accentuating the positive and negative features less noticeable. Their livelihood and reputation depends on your take full advantage of looking their best on camera and off.

How to capitalize on your looks?

Movie stars are privileged to employ the efforts of various makeup artists to achieve their best look. This gives a new perspective on what may seem best. However, most women who are not in show business, only made their own makeup application. As a habit, which may be the worst use of colors and application methods. If you feel you need a new perspective, why not consult a makeup artist? His new approach and greater experience, could be just what you need to accentuate your best facial features. It is common for women to consult their hairdressers for a new look, why not do the same with a makeup artist?

How can assist the natural cosmetics?

Would not it be nice to be able to accentuate facial features only positive and not have to cover imperfections. Well, the truth is that many skin problems are actually a result of makeup! Most makeup products contain chemicals that irritate skin and cause blemishes, discoloration, redness and dryness. Instead of covering up facial flaws with synthetic blends of makeup, why not try to correct these faults by the use of natural cosmetics? You will be amazed how much better your skin will look and feel. Also you do not have to use as much foundation and makeup! This will save time, money, and you will be able to concentrate on accentuating the positive!

Yeah, look what! We live in a society that places great emphasis on appearance. Without cosmetics, society views women fully clothed. We can not change that. But we can take advantage of this. With the use of cosmetics in a way that accentuates our appearance, cosmetics can actually open doors that would otherwise be closed.

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