Monday, October 24, 2011

Become your own makeup artist - Tips on makeup artistry that do not cost thousands of dollars

As I worked in the cosmetics industry that I had the opportunity to work with makeup artists, makeup schools and professional make-up companies, living in Hollywood, California in the last 10 years has increased my exposure to different companies . During this time I also had the opportunity to learn how to apply makeup that I have been building for years and even learn some of the fun aspects of makeup artistry including working with latex and silicone makeup FX. I've been lucky that all I have gained new knowledge has been the result of the work I've done with these companies. Many of the students I've met have not been so fortunate to have had to pay full price (sometimes more than $ 30. 000) for the same knowledge. At the end of their studies are usually given the opportunity to go out and apply their new skill for free, maybe if they're lucky, you can get a packet of information (usually around $ 45) worth a day's work . I've heard the term "paying your dues" is applied to this over the years, of course, people saying this was the same charge $ 30 000. For my part I have always felt like the new make-up artists are taking advantage of perhaps has more to do with my inner capitalist screaming at the thought of a person who gives their time. The old adage "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" comes to mind: When you start the path to your services or products for free, it is very difficult to break this cycle once. Whereas it may take a little longer for you to be a makeup artist when you are charged for their skills, I believe that when we won the payment for our work is dedicated to the head a little higher and more proud of our work in the end gain more respect from our customers.

That said, I share with you some of the things I've learned that can help you save money if you are interested in learning more about makeup artistry.

Some time ago I heard an interview he gave Denis Leary in relation to becoming a film director, his advice was: "If you want to be a filmmaker, take the money to be spent in film school, go , buy a camera and make your movie. "Similar advice can be given for makeup artistry.

With cinema technology constantly changing, and with all the skills necessary to be an expert shadow comparator and makeup artist, which might seem overwhelming to begin to pursue their dreams makeup without having to spend on 10 thousand dollars in the instruction. However, if you have no experience in the art of professional makeup, perhaps one of the best books on the market for self-instruction has to be Richard Corson "Stage Makeup".

This instruction book provides a wealth of technical knowledge of how to manipulate light and color to achieve effects. These lessons can be applied not only to the stage makeup and effects, but also for all makeup applications. You will also find that many of the lessons taught by Richard Corson, are the same lessons taught in schools makeup of thousands of dollars.

Access to knowledge is only part of the equation to be a makeup artist. Moreover, potentially more expensive is the construction of your makeup kit. A makeup artist can quickly spend thousands of dollars to build their game and if we consider that most cosmetics have a shelf life up to 3 years (many of them have an even shorter shelf life and makeup is so natural bit like a past life 90 days of the date of opening) is very easy to spend a lot of money on makeup for a short period of time. When you also look at the foundation (base and corrective (neutralizers, shading and highlights)) is not outside the realm of possibility that you will buy more than 25 to 30 different shades of makeup, taking into account the need to mix the lighter makeup and ethnic skin, despite the makeup artists usually make custom mix by combining the many shades you have in your kit, you still have to buy many nuances to be able to create different types of skin tones that can be found in the set. Given that many brands of professional databases can cost upwards of $ 15 to $ 20 per ounce and a half. makeup, you can quickly spend $ 600 just for the foundation. Taking into account the frustration of makeup and other cosmetics suspended interrupted, the benefit of being able to do your own makeup is evident. Being able to make truly custom has been a desire of professional makeup artists, as long as there has been a need for different colors. For custom mix your own colors that have the ability to carry fewer raw materials and spend far less money to achieve the same if not better outcomes. While you might spend more than $ 600 for 25 to 30 individual makeup bases by buying a kit custom blends, such as the Ultra Matrix 3000 custom kit foundation of the cosmetic Jove, which could spend as little as $ 30 for starter kit that will allow mixture to about 2 oz of the foundation and / or corrections. With the bases for charging My God! A cost of only $ 10. 50 oz in the discount program, both professional and aspiring makeup artists alike can see significant savings in their makeup kits and materials, the need for much less.

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