Friday, October 28, 2011

Hip Hop clothing for women - then and now

Women have been at the microphone, and participate in the hip-hop almost as long as men, and have a great impact on our culture. This style of clothing for women, however, did not emerge as a separate entity until the last decade or so.

Hip hop clothing for women began to be almost identical with the styles of men. Some of the colors were different than men wearing (like hot pink and purple), but the style of the world was big, square and wide. The women wore pants, baggy pants and baseball caps to shirts. If you feel sexy, that perhaps would a sports bra or bra top with giant pants and boots Timberland.

Accessories at this time were of gold, gold and gold. At the beginning of this style of fashion, jewelry became an important part of culture. People crowded in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Gold hoop earrings have been the basic piece of jewelry for any fashion girl. Now rings large, thin dominate, whereas it used to be charged, fat rings, sometimes with a nameplate. Nameplates that used to be very popular.

After a while, the dog tags was "out" like the big, baggy style for women. Over time, a style for women that has emerged is ultra feminine, and accentuates women curves instead of hiding. Pants and tops hugging silhouette, while giving enough "wiggle room" for comfort.

Hip hop clothing for women highlights an important feature of the hip culture in general, it is much more acceptable and even desirable for a woman to be more curvilinear in the popular culture that has made " standard ". This makes a lot of hip hop labels much more comfortable and easy to use for women who pop colleagues.

Although women are still wearing Timberlands and sneakers, a large variety of shoes including wedges, pumps, and sandals, available in almost any designer who specializes in hip fashion.

The bags are also very fashionable, and intend to make a statement. Currently, most fashionable bags are great, like bags, and all the colors and textures, the more luxurious the better.

The trend in the rest of the jewels of the hip followed the example of earrings, and became smaller. Platinum has replaced gold as the metal of choice, and everything has more jewelry. While many people still layer your jewelry is not as thick, and looks much more feminine now than in the "old" hip-hop.

Now there are many hip hop label dedicated specifically to women. Dresses abound, as do other styles skirts and ultra feminine. Most lines are their own women's fashion accessories like handbags, shoes (oh, the shoes!), Perfumes and jewelry. Gone are the days of limited choices and dress like a man.

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