Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 10 Tips Fashionable Beauty Dressed

A flower girl always wears a fashionable beauty. The dress, however, can be found in various styles. A girl can wear a dress for Easter, a party dress, or even an informal wedding dress for a summer. Similarly, a dress can be used for other special occasions. In fact, there are many ways to reuse a dress flower girl.

Top 10 Tips

1. Maintaining for the future

Wedding dresses and christening dresses are often kept clothes to become heritage. Not as many dresses flower girl preserved in this way. However, these dresses can be maintained for future generations. Many companies working with conservation wedding dresses will also take care of these dresses. Preservation kits can also be purchased to prepare the dress at home.

2. Attend a special occasion

These lovely dresses can be used in future special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Velvet dresses are perfect for Christmas. Soft pastel dresses an elegant look at Easter. Dressed in removable ribbons or flowers can always get a new special look.

3. Go to a Tea Party

Each day can be a special occasion. Little girls love tea parties. Turn a summer evening party time artisan / tea. Children can decorate brimmed straw hats with flowers and ribbons. The evening ends with a party where every girl wants to look their best.

4. Use beautiful White

White is the most popular color for these dresses. Mini-bride's dress is white. Dressed in white can be used for religious celebrations next - First Communion, Confirmation, after the life of baptism or church presentations. The addition of appropriate accessories (vests, boleros, hats, veils) creates a new look. Remove a strip of color in a white dress and the result can be an elegant communion dress.

5. Make It Green

Weddings are often ecologically modern weddings. Ones previously dresses are ideal for green weddings. Spend a dress for a wedding party green.

6. Charity work

Some charities accept gently used formal dresses. That resell clothing to raise funds for worthwhile projects. Other retailers selling recycled clothes and donate a percentage of their profits to charity. Donating a dress flower girl can make a dream come true for another child. Check out charity work in your local area.

7. Dress-Up

When you're a girl, you do not need a special occasion or even a party to have fun. Children are only limited by your imagination and all children love to play dress-up. Flower Girl Dresses turn girls into princesses. The use of ballet slippers with a flowing dress a girl is transformed into a beautiful ballerina. Capture those special moments in photos. Dress allows children to have fun while expressing their creativity.

8. See a play

By acting in a play at home, it helps to have a beautiful dress of the protagonist. Special dresses are useful for school concerts or theater club. Budding actress shines with divine dresses.

9. The participation of beauty

This beautiful dress can add a touch of beauty to many lives. His fine fabrics can be converted into bags, pillows, memory, or even the foot of the table. Pieces of clothing can also be used to make a dress recycled. This tissue can be transmitted to a seamstress or anyone with a talent for sewing can use the material at home. A seamstress can wear a dress blouse and match it with the sleeves of another dress. Exquisite details like lace and beading can be added to make a unique dress.

10. You have a Creative Halloween

The dress can also be part of a Halloween costume. The possibilities are endless for a creative Halloween costume. Dressed in white can help turn into princesses charming small ghosts or even fear. Any dress with a deep color and rich in autumn, as dark brown, can match the spirit of Halloween. Dressed in black to add an aspect of mystery and magic of Halloween. Black dresses are very popular, especially with the growing number of black and white wedding.

Regardless of color, these lovely dresses can have a life beyond the wedding. You can enjoy in the present or in the future. A beautiful dress, however, must not only walk without a purpose. Unless preserved as a relic, the dress should be at the center of the life of a child. The dress flower girl can still be part of the fun, laughter and happiness.

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