Monday, October 24, 2011

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Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. That's what some makeup artists can tell you, referring to the demands of its customers. Makeup artists agree that it can be difficult at times to create the right look to satisfy some, but the end result of beauty is to improve the most rewarding part of the creative process. Makeup schools will help you train for this exciting career.

Career switch

MARGINA Dennis became restless while working in the high tech industry. I needed something different in your life. So 12 years ago, made the career change taking lessons from a teacher of one of California makeup schools. It was a bit disconcerting to Dennis. "I went to work in a structured environment for not knowing that my next job would be," he recalls. But she took classes and earned his certificates, to embark on his career as a makeup.

Makeup schools give you the opportunity to learn about many different areas. Dennis took classes in television, film, and printing, distribution and multicultural learning period, the history of art and airbrush techniques. Now, with her makeup education, Dennis works on photo shoots and commercials. "Most of the work I do is very simple beauty makeup," he says. She has also done celebrity makeup Val Kilmer and Montel Williams and magazine spreads, including Teen Vogue and People.

And that's just in their spare time. Dennis also works as a beauty editor for LA'G Magazine, comment, write and work with all issues involving beauty. "It takes a lot of time," he says. "But I like seeing the final product of what I have done."

Makeup schools and employment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, makeup artists had an average annual salary of $ 32,660 in 2005, with the highest reported number of employees located in California. By attending makeup schools, you can increase your chances of getting one of the better paying jobs available in the industry. And makeup artists can work on several projects, such as beauty salons, the film industry and television, and independent workers.

Practice makes perfect

Kylie Evans has had a love of makeup from the day he was born. And she realized more and more each time I made a friend in middle school or helped his friends with makeup for prom. No wonder, then, that Evans took his passion and turned it into a career in makeup. His advice to succeed with their education make? "The practice of permitting anyone," she explains. "Keep practicing his art and his talent and time, [...] is his own way."

In high school, Evans began his career in makeup work in a Tennessee chain, known as Ross the Boss. It was here that she was able to get a lot of experience and become "more complete", so you have the right background to get the most out of what makeup schools have to offer.

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