Monday, October 24, 2011

How to build professional makeup kits

If make-up as part of their daily routine, and sometimes found to spend more time looking for the composition you want, the actual time that passes from applying makeup, it's time to organize your makeup kit. As the first of the beauty makeup tips is organized.

Here are the steps you can take to build a professional makeup kit:

1. Allocate time to work on this project and focus on its realization. Find a workspace where all are scattered up and organize everything you have.

2. Put all your cosmetics and skin care and go through them. Throw away anything that is broken, and the old man has been bacteria. If makeup has split or flaked, it looks old and dirty applicators, which can cause irritation or infection and should be eliminated.

The first rule is, if I can not even remember how long ago the item was purchased or given to you, throw it away. Use these guidelines to determine how long to keep your makeup before discarding it.

Six months
* Face powder with brushes or sponges in contact with the product
* Cream or pancake foundation
* Basis of eyes, eye creams and foundations
* Mascara
* Shadow Eye Cream
* Liquid Eyeliners
* Any other cream or gel-based eye starting

One year
* Moisturizers
* Funds fluids
* Abetting tube used in the face with no applicators

As needed
* Pencil eyeliner that have not been hardened or dried
* Cake and powder eye shadows and blushes
* Sunscreen

3. Group the items you can use together according to the following categories.

* Foundation applied to the skin before other products, even skin tone
* Spell to hide dark circles, blemishes and unwanted facial markings
* Blush adds dimension to the face and a more youthful appearance
* Eyeshadow suitable for your skin tone and highlights the features of the eye
* Eyeliner from your eyelids and lash line under the eyes
* The powders used to establish the applied base and expand its use
* Lipstick and lip gloss that can be easily coordinated with other
* Bronzer to add additional color used in the face if you like a bronzing

4. Sort the elements composing that you use every day. If you do not wear makeup every day, organize teams separately for formal dress, makeup and special occasion. Group battery elements according to:

* Daily use
* Put makeup items that have colors that match almost anything everyday use. Keep the items simple and light weight.
* Lipstick and eye shadow colors should be neutral and free.

* Skin Care
* Makeup removers, moisturizers, sunscreens, serums, treatments for acne, including cotton balls and q-tips fall into the heap.
* Items of skin care are useful if you often travel, play sports or not putting on makeup all day. Save space with the purchase of pre-moistened facial cleansing cloths.

* A special occasion
* Make more dramatic colors or used infrequently, glitter powder, eye shadow with exotic colors and dramatic, false eyelashes that are rarely used, the products purchased to match suits, or colors used only for wild Halloween.

* Season (optional)
* For those who frequently tan their skin to various foundations and powder shadows, you may have to do a lot of different colors are necessary depending on the season.

5. Check your makeup application tools. Throw away used and worn sponge applicators that come with your makeup. It's best to buy brushes to replace your washing powder puffs and sponges foundation. The life of your makeup is extended if removes bacteria and oils that contact with the powder.

These are some of the most popular application tools:

* Brushes dust
* Wedge sponges, brushes, foundation
Brushes for applying blush *
* Large, small or angled shadow brush
* Concealer Brush
* Lip Brushes

Clean application tools you use regularly and need.

* Eyeliners can be cleaned with an alcohol swab and then rub it on the pencil. Regularly sharpening too.
* Antibacterial soap can be used to clean and do all kinds of brushes. If the brushes are deformed, entangled, or that makeup can not be washed, they have and buy new ones.

6. Look piles and try to determine the size of the bag you need to store them. If you do not have the organizer of makeup you need to buy one. It would be nice to have something a bit larger with enough pockets to something that is too small. Find the bags or packages in the beauty product stores and department stores. Make sure the bags or packages you choose can contain all the makeup you plan to store in it, including a brush bag purchased.

* You can find bags ranging in size and design. Preferably find a cosmetic makeup bag makeup products to organize, since these probably have a plastic interior that can be zipped to prevent stroke, and can be cleaned. There may also be pillows or blankets on the outside for added protection.
* There are also bags available kits brush and keep its clean application tools can be used to organize your brushes and protect the brush ends up bending.
* Train cases are often hard parts and have shelves to extend the organization. These are heavy and bulky, but sometimes you can protect your items too.
* Some pictures of addressing young are usually larger than train cases, are less expensive and can be used to store and organize your special makeup for special occasions.

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