Monday, October 24, 2011

Party makeup - 13 common mistakes that can completely ruin your night

So let's get a party with friends, but he is worried about his "face painting"? You remember the last time it came out, her makeup was a disaster? In case you do not worry, because I am about to reveal the biggest mistakes 13 girls tend to do when applying makeup for your night out. I also will show you what you should and should not do!

1. The first error that occurs even before applying makeup party and is called "the rush"! Leaving a club can be a very exciting and interesting adventure that can even change your life forever. It may happen that you meet the love of your life or new wonderful friends. But it can also mean that no one notices you. Just do not stand out from the crowd. I have heard many complaints from the girls who never noticed in club matches. So it is very important not to rush with her makeup. Take your time, your party makeup is that we are talking about here. As a professional makeup artist I do not hurry, I always have as much time as I need, unless, of course, different circumstances. Even I'm wrong when I'm not focused.

2. Some girls forget to wash your face with cold water and apply a moisturizer before applying makeup. It is important that you wash your face with cold water, as it stimulates blood circulation to the skin, preparing it for makeup. Also, application of moisturizing lotion is important because your makeup will last longer. Do not forget to apply lotion massaged into the skin, once again, due to the circulation of blood. This perfectly prepare the skin for the next party makeup.
3. After the lotion, do not immediately apply the foundation. If you have skin problems like pimples or acne you should know that the application of party makeup correction, which takes place before the foundation. For party makeup you have to choose the spell green. If you do not have one, then jump to this routine and apply the concealer close to your foundation tone after the application basis. But if you have the green concealer, applied directly to the problematic parts of the skin. Be careful with the amount of material applied, do not apply too much, because this will be noted below, and will also be very noticeable in the photos.
4. Big mistake following occurs when choosing the color of the base. Sometimes, the girls chose the foundation of his dark skin tone. For party makeup is very important to choose the foundation that is a bit lighter than your skin tone. Especially if there is strong ultraviolet light in the club, the face may look very dark, and that would spell disaster if you like darker foundation.
5. Now the application base. If you apply the green concealer, never rushed with his foundation. Do not make a mistake when applying foundation to move left and right, because it will completely ruin your party makeup. That shift is applied before concealer. It's time to apply foundation with a damp sponge. Apply the sponge. Now press the sponge into a single point and move only slightly to one side. This is the way to apply foundation. Just repeat the process. It is time consuming, but worth the effort. You will not displace your concealer that is in the base and face painting will be beautiful.
6. The choice of heavy eye shadow or lipstick colors is very important. The girls complain that their party makeup is not very different from your daily makeup routine. It is because they tend to choose colors too light and fluffy. For clubs and parties have to choose bright colors. Just a precaution. Do not make your eye shadow and lipstick colors in conflict. If both are too strong, makeup can seem artificial. However, there are exceptions where the two colors can be strong and still look great.
7. Do not forget to lighten the area under your eyes if you have dark circles. You can use eye shadow white for this, simply do not apply to much of it. Or you can use concealer lighter.
8. Big mistake, that a! No flushing darker colors compared to the lipstick color, please! Only once did this error. I applied blush darker than the color of lipstick and the girl looked like someone punched her in the face. This all can ruin everything. Go easy on sight!
9. Do not be afraid to use glitter, it's great for parties, so they can become the star of the night!
10. Did you notice that your face is very bright lights in the photos compared to your body? This is another great thing girls usually do not know what is happening. Because the base and spell reflect light flashes, your face shines in the photos, while the body absorbs light. Put some shine in the base and upper body, such as shoulders and chest, if visible, of course. This way your body will also reflect light, you get to balance the brightness and feel truly beautiful in the photos.
11. Look, do a line in the neck, with its foundation. Take your time and do a good mix with the tone of your neck. If needed, use pressed powder that will help hide the line.
12. Do not use compact powder foundation. The girls always wonder why their faces shine in both photos. This is different from the light I have explained before. The one I was talking about earlier is just the difference between the face and body glitter. But this is when your face just too bright in the photos. What happens if I apply pressed powder foundation. For party makeup to take it. That makes your face absorb some light. Apply the same way to apply foundation, only with a dry sponge in place. And remember, you have to apply their pressed powder foundation before lipstick. Lipstick is the last thing you put on yourself. You can also apply some of this foundation in her body, she looks great there.
13. The last big mistake girls make is when they apply your lipstick. Your lips are poison your weapon you can use to seduce their targets. So that's why you have to calibrate this gun to hit the target. Girls tend to forget that the lips have these natural pores that should be visible for a natural look. Putting lipstick on your lips too, even the pores and make them invisible. This causes unnatural and plastic lips, which totally ruins the party makeup. Other people get the impression that you just put a lot of makeup and is not cool. I'll tell you how to make your lips totally sexy and seductive that no one can resist. Choose your color and apply lipstick. Stain the lips with a tissue after applying lipstick, to eliminate unnecessary material. Now that you have lipstick on your visible pores and put a lip gloss transparent glass to his lips. This all will make your lips go "Kiss Me"! That's it! Based on my personal research, these girls are 13 common mistakes that do to ruin your night. Take my advice and become the star of the night.

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